Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Purple Mammals

The Printer i have is a Desktop printer which are really meant more for hobby printing then for full commercial Rabbit prototyping. If you want a high quality print you need to go with production printer. These printer can start at 20,000$ go up in price from there. In the last few weeks we have used 3 different 3D printing companies to see how their prints hold up for testing. We got the best results from a company named after 2 Mammals Purple Mammals at that. Purple Platypus is the side of the company that sales printers and Purple porcupine is the side of the company that will print objects for you. Purple is not just in their name it is everywhere in their show room. There will be lots of pictures to check out at the bottom of the post. Now they use Porjet and 3D system printers, which are now the same company. if you would like to learn more about these printers check out the main site Projet/3Dsystems. If you would like to see Purple Platypus for yourself they do hold a open house one the 25th of every month so go check it out and see all the great stuff that can be printed

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