Friday, September 20, 2013

vapor acetone hot plates and hit and runs

so today was a busy day at the office. We have been working hard to take are 3d printed parts and put them out into the filed for testing but we want them to look high quality. a few weeks back we found a video on youtube that showed someone using heated acetone vapors to give a nice gloss finish. So we bought a hot plate some acetone and a glass jar. so we put everything outside to start testing and just a few mins later someone ran over the hot plate. It was a hit and run on a hotplate that was sitting next to a cement wall and a dumpster so they had to have been aiming for it and just missed wrecking their car. Which means we had to buy a new hot plate thankfully they are only about 30$ each. Next we had to get the vapor treating temp and time just right 5min with it acetone preheated to 200F turned out the best.  we have also been working on the best way to seal the top and bottom of the casing together. so you will see pictures of us testing with a heat gun. The last project of the day was to create supports for some of the smaller details of the 3d parts those are printing right now.  

here is the video we fallowed.

this is the parts holder we made

one of our test pieces

testing if we can uses a heat gun to melt the top and bottom of the casing together

on the left is the smashed hot plate you can see the cement wall and the dumpster and the new hot plate with the glass Jar 

Vapor sealing a part 

it had a very sort life only got to be use once

they hit it dead center i hope it messed up their tire

the vapor needs time to cure


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